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Xeriscapes & Planting for Water Conservation

Xeriscaping is an excellent option for our desert climate here in the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe area! Xeriscapes require little water while still providing a beautiful, colorful landscape for your home or office.

What is xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is not a specific style of landscaping, but a set of landscaping and gardening principles that have the intent of saving water while creating a lush and colorful landscape. Derived from the Greek word "xeros," meaning "dry" and combined with "landscape," xeriscaping means gardening in a way that requires less than average water use over the long term. At Territorial Landscape Co., we are trained and experienced in all xeriscaping techniques.

How do I make a xeriscape beautiful?

Many people think xeriscaping means they are limited to planting cactus and other desert plants. Not true! Many native flowering and other lush plants fit perfectly with a xeriscape plan. Ask us about the many plants and planting plans that work with xeriscaping. You’ll find that by determining seasonal flowering times you can have a colorful, attractive xeriscaped landscape that looks great year round.

What are the principles of xeriscaping?

  1. Planning and design
  2. Xeriscape begins with a plant and hardscape design for water conservation and beauty.

  3. Soil analysis
  4. Healthy soils grow healthy plants that need less water. A xeriscape plan includes testing the soil for organic matter and nutrient content so you will know what nutrients are lacking, and what minerals, compost or other organic material should be added.

  5. Practical turf areas
  6. Lawn grass can require a tremendous amount of water use. Considering the many drought-tolerant grass types that are available is a key step to planning a proper xeriscape.

  7. Appropriate plant selection
  8. Appropriate plant selection will keep your landscape in harmony with your local natural environment. Give us a call to discuss what the native plants that thrive without excessive amounts of water in our area.

  9. Efficient irrigation
  10. A good irrigation system should give your plants a sufficient amount of water without waste. We address irrigation that treats different plants zones (turf vs. garden plants vs. trees, e.g.) separately.

  11. Mulching
  12. Proper mulching naturally controls weed populations, prevents soil compaction, and creates favorable conditions for healthy plant life. Our plans help conserve water by using mulch layers in flower and shrub beds by reducing moisture evaporation from the soil.

  13. Maintenance plans
  14. Good maintenance is required to both establish and preserve a healthy, beautiful xeriscape landscape. Proper planning for maintenance also conserves water and control pests without the use of pesticides.

Is it true that xeriscaping can mean more work upfront?

A xeriscape can require more planning and more watering during the establishment phase. But long term, xeriscapes are low maintenance and will use far less water than traditional landscapes and gardens.

How much water does xeriscaping save?

Compared to a traditional landscape of similar size, a xeriscape will use about 25 to 50 percent less water after 1-2 years of establishment.

Do xeriscapes cost more?

Not really. The initial costs for xeriscape will probably be slightly higher, primarily due to the higher cost of native plants and the increased emphasis on establishing healthy soil. However, the savings in irrigation and maintenance make it highly cost-effective over its lifetime.

Contact Territorial Landscape Co. today to discuss the beauty you can create with xeriscape! Give us a call at (505) 898-9199 or e-mail us anytime.